FUBAR Battle Report

So, as promised here is the battle report. As mentioned in my previous post I played this game to see if the boys would like it. So Alexander and I played the UNSC with two fire teams consisting of a team leader, SAW gunner, and three riflemen and a heavy grav tank with a rail gun and HMG. Zachary and Phillip used the Mekanoids with two four 'bot teams of grenadiers and a walker (medium vehicle).  I laid out a simple board with some hills and trees in the middle to prevent cross-table line of sight. Both sides set up with the vehicle in the center and a team on either side. (click for larger photos)

In the first turn Zachary and Phillip only managed to activated their walker and moved it up to a covered position behind the hill. All the UNSC elements activated and moved forward, the infantry to covered positions and the tank forward behind the hill.

This time it was the USNC's turn to twiddle it's the thumb, except for the grav tank. It moved up and fired on the walker, immobilizing it. The walker on it's turn returned fire and got a crew shaken result. One team of grenadiers moved forward to the forest.

Zachary failed to activate again in the third turn, Phil moved forward and took some pot shots at Alexander's infantry team and suppressed one figure. The walker activated and immobilized tank, meaning that for the rest of the game they'd be blasting into each others' front armor, meaning it would be difficult for one or the other to completely destroy the other. The UNSC managed to suppress a couple 'bots but that was about it.

The vehicles continued to wail on each other with no discernible effect. The UNSC envelop the forward team of Mekanoids and destroy two in shooting and the other two when the Mekanoids charged into close combat. Zachary again rolls a 2 to activate (needed a 3).

The grav tank landed a telling blow on the walker, disabling both it's weapons. Unfortunately it couldn't maneuver to get a shot on the remaining Mekanoid infantry. Zachary didn't have line of sight so moved forward using what I like to call the "Dodge, Duck, Dive and Dodge" order, allowing him to move 8" and count the models as if in soft cover. The UNSC moved forward and formed a skirmish line on the edge of the woods and fired on the 'bots, adding a couple suppression counters.

The final turn saw the UNSC activated first and using the Aimed Fire order destroyed the remaining 'bots.  All told the game took about 2 hours to play, with me explaining the rules along the way. By turn three they all had it mostly down pat. They enjoyed the game, though I think Zachary would have had more fun if his participation included more than "sit in place until the last two turns and get obliterated." We used a combination of the core rules, the sci-fi supplement, and the Khurasan 15mm supplement along with a few tweaks to unit properties of my own. These are all available here.

There are a couple other games on there I'd like to try out, Forge of War and In the Emperor's Name. Forge of War is a 40k alternative but leaves itself open to stating up other figures for other settings while ItEN is firmly set as an alternative to Inquisitor.  I've been having bad ideas about modifying ItEN to work in the Firefly 'verse, or playing as Sam and Dean from the show Supernatural, or maybe even some cyberpunk shadowrunning. I'll probably try out Forge of War with my 40k figs, but mostly likely use the 40k stats for FUBAR on a regular basis.

And again, an apology about the pictures. I'll get it right sooner or later.


John said...

Whoa, Forge of War looks pretty interesting. I like their ideas on activation. Something about it reminds me of Stargrunt, though; I'm curious if you're familiar with it.

Sergeant Crunch said...

I've got a copy downloaded, but never played it.

Ironworker said...

Nice Report!

Sergeant Crunch said...

Thanks! Given the boys reaction to the game you'll be seeing more for FUBAR. I also plan to write up a fantasy supplement for their medieval game.

Chris K. said...

Great game! You'll be pleased with Forge of War and ItEN. They're very similar to FUBAR - easy to pick up, intuitive to play, and easy to modify to suit your own collections.