Finished UNSC Fireteams and a Starship

Finally got around to finishing the basic fire teams for my UNSC force, which will comprise the expeditionary forces of the Terran Confederacy in the setting I'm working on. This is the best of about 20 pictures I took with the new camera. The lesson learned here is that if you buy a $40 camera, you can expect $40 optics and $40 results. Remaining for this force are three spider gun drones and a weapons squad with four LMG teams. The platoon will be organized with a command team, three squads with a fire team and a gun drone, and the weapons squad. As I work down the Shelf of Shame I'll eventually round this out with some IFVs and a heavy weapon sections (anti-material rifles and rocket launchers). Also of note, this was my first application of the "Minwax Dip" en masse. Still working on the proper consistency.

Also finished a starship yesterday, it was mostly finished, just needed me to get off my butt and get it done. Unfortunately, the camera couldn't deal with the straight white and bright silver on the figure. This is the Nagato carrier (I think) from the Squadron Strike Japanese set available from Ad Astra Games. I'll be using them with Starmada though.


Joshua said...

I like the colour scheme; simple and practical.

Sergeant Crunch said...

Thanks! Though that off white that is the base color of the armor didn't want to cover for crap after thinning it down so it wouldn't hide detail. That led to a lot of putting off finishing these guys.