Cygnar Battlebox Done and Other Stuff

Well, it only took me four or five months, but as mentioned earlier, I finished the Cygnar battlebox last weekend. Feel like crap today so will probably go to the store for my first smackdown next weekend. Here's the pics of the finished group.

Also, last weekend was the third game of our Day One campaign. Going to replay it this weekend though because I don't want the last game to be too one-sided. That and Zachary should've mopped the floor with me, he just couldn't get the die rolls he needed. Not going to post the commentary, just the pics.

And finally, these are the 15mm goodies that came in from a combination of Christmas orders and anniversary gifts from my wife. A few packs of Rebel Earthforce Marines, a Rebel Merka 5, a Khurasan Siler tank, and Khurasans' mammoth Dictator. These may become WIPs in future posts.

Merka 5 parts

All the goodies together

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Mad Pat said...

The Warmachine box looks great, I've only gotten my caster finished