Next Up

Finish the Klingon C8 dreadnought, and have started painting a Federation New Light Cruiser. Also got the beginnings of the GZG UNSC infantry prepped and a handful based and ready for priming. The UNSC are going to be the Terran Expeditionary Force in my own little background for Tomorrow's War, which I need to do some more work on. The TEF will be using primarily grav vehicles like the one I finished earlier.

Speaking of which, I'll need to buy at least three more platoon's worth of figures for my primary protagonists in the same setting. One is a mid-to-high tech corporate army, the second a mid-tech republic, and the third a low-to-mid tech socialist dictatorship. I wish the Pig Iron Productions heavy troopers were available in 15mm as they'd be perfect for the republic forces, though I think I'm going to either use Khurasan Federal Army figures or Rebel Miniatures Earth Force Marines, with tracked vehicles (most likely Rebel or Combat Wombat). The corporate force will be most likely be Micropanzer British SAS (with helmets). I haven't settled on figures for the socialists yet, but I'm leaning towards the New Vistula Legion troops from  PicoArmor.com. There will also be a smattering of mercenary forces making appearances like the Felids and others. Critical Mass games will probably see a few packets ordered from me after I get the primaries done.

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