What Now?

Sometimes after actually finishing a project I feel at a bit of a loss as to what to work on next. As you can tell by the "To Do List" in the sidebar I have no shortage of things to work on. So I thought I'd run a poll to see what my dear readers thought. I'm going to leave it up through next Friday (26 August) and go from there. Heck, I might even to a bit of a step by step journal of it if there's interest.

Speaking of readers, Monday saw the second largest spike in page views (74) that I can recall (though I think the first had some bots involved). I'm sure that it's nothing compared to the more popular blogs out there, but it made me happy. I suppose that if I posted more regularly I'd get more hits, but on the other hand I'm still amazed that people actually Google my little corner of the WWW.

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