We're Not In Kansas Anymore TK429

Well, the last week included me packing all of my little pewter, plastic, and resin lovelies; watching them be loaded into a moving truck; and driving from Kansas to West Texas. I'm glad to be back in San Angelo, I did not enjoy my time in Kansas and am looking forward to my future here.

What does all this mean regarding miniatures? Well, I'm currently without a house, so all my lovelies are inaccessible in storage. As time and family allows I want to continue developing back story for my sci-fi universe.

AS for what I've been doing in the meantime? Mostly I've been reading books on my Nook Color. If you have some form of ereader you need to visit the Baen Free Library. They allow free downloads of a number of their books as enticement to buy the rest of their books. In the last three weeks I've read "With the Lightnings", "Lt. Leary Commanding", "Hymn Before Battle" and am working my way through "Gust Front." Before I started he move I downloaded 23 books from authors I've been wanting to try out but hadn't gotten around to. So reading, and that moving thing, have been occupying my time.


 Ashley said...

Good luck with settling in after the move. I don't envy you the upheaval.

Sergeant Crunch said...

Having been in the Army we're used to it, but it's becoming more and more of a pain in the butt. Thankfully this will be the last move we intend to make.