Mekanoid Pictures...and Yet Another Project

Here is the group shot of the Mekanoids as promised a couple days ago...

And here they are engaging a pair of Parasachnid Bioweapons...

And a couple comparison shots with different scales.  In the first are a couple of typical 28mm figures, a CAV Dictator (1/160th), CAV infantry (1/160th), and 6mm/Epic Space Marines. The second picture is with a CAV Wolverine and a CAV Wolf (both 1/160th).

And for my final photo tonight, a couple weeks ago I had to take the bottom off of our couch in order to find the cable remote (it was important, there were some History Channel shows I DVR'd and couldn't watch!) and found this Matchbox car.  I looked at it and instantly thought...Chupathingy!  So, figuring the car had been in the couch for an undetermined period of time and hadn't been missed by any of the four boys, I declared Parental Eminent Domain for use as a conversion. 

The axles are bent (as with every other Matchbox car my kids have) so that'll be addressed.  I think the red things sticking out of the back are supposed to be exhausts, those are going to be trimmed off to make room for the gun pedestal.  What, you didn't think i was going to leave it unarmed did you? :)  The doors are going to be reworked with plastic card stock. Then painting it in a suitably sci-fi military paint scheme. First thing, is going to be drilling out the rivet in the bottom to make it easier to work on the separate parts as well as save the windshield.  Depending on how this goes, I may have to see if I can score more of the same vehicle on eBay.

I'm going to need to find a driver figure for it as well, probably GZG for that as well as whatever type of support weapon I throw on it, probably a heavy machine gun or big laser type.  Firing missiles over the top of an unprotected driver's compartment doesn't seem like a good idea, might mess up the rich Corinthian leather.

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