Khurasan 15mm Sci-Fi

Got my order of Khurasan 15mm figures in a while ago. I ordered the the Felid Light Battle Circle (T1300), Mechanoid Grenadier Infantrybots (T1600), and Parasachnid BioWeapons (T1204). Thanks to the schedule I work though so far I've only gotten a couple prepped. Unfortunately a severe shortage of basing material has made it difficult to build a desire to actually finish them. However, I will say that I am quite impressed with the casting quality of the miniatures. They are very clean, few noticeable mold lines, and minimal flash. Detail is excellent and I can't wait to get back to the States to paint them.

In the meantime, while I slowly prepare the figures, I've been making some progress on the Beer & Pretzels 15mm sci-fi rules. The introductory pages, initiative, and most of the movement sections are done. I have notes on how combat will work, but not in any kind of narrative form that makes sense outside of my warped consciousness. I'm really enjoying the prospects that the endless bound system promises for a different way to play, though it has made writing the descriptions of various mechanics in a clear and concise way challenging. Throw in the fact that what makes sense in my head may not make sense to the reader. I've a feeling that several gameplay examples will be required, maybe even a few videos on YouTube once I get home to my gaming supplies.

On the subject of rules, anyone know of a good open source publication/layout program that is easy to use and can output watermarked PDF files? Compatibility with Open Office is preferred. I'm thinking that if these rules work out that I may offer them for sale at a reasonable price in PDF and print-on-demand.

One other thing, while not remotely related to miniatures or wargaming but a game nonetheless, I recently received a cribbage board from www.cribbagesupply.com . My Dad and I used to play cribbage when I was a teenager and decided to order my own board to help pass the time over here in Iraq and teach my family when I get home. Cribbage Supply has a good selection and is run (if I understand the website correctly) by a disabled veteran. Shipping prices seem a bit excessive, but delivery was prompt, even in light of the fact that my order had to negotiate the perils of the U.S. military postal distribution system.

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Jamie said...

I went looking for a page layout program for the same purpose. The only thing I found is Scribus (http://www.scribus.net/). I haven' tried it out, but it is free.