Little Bit of Progress

Did some work on the Mauridian carriers. Fully basecoated and mostly lined, just need to take some brown liner to the orange bits, highlight, and pick out the detail bits. Remembered to use the original darker gray as well, it looks better after the highlighting.

Also did the base on the Black Lighting Dictator '60. This is a project that's been on the back burner for some time now. Nothing fancy, same basing scheme as the rest of my Rach force, sand and rock desert. (there's been more added since this really old picture, should really take a new "family photo") Should be ready for primer tomorrow, we'll see how much the paste sinks into the base. I know it would make the miniautres cost more, but sometimes I wish the plate on the bottom of the CAVs feet fully filled the recess in the hex base, it's a pain making sure that whatever you're using gets under the feet and around the edge, then when it dries it sunk making it look like there's a mini sink hole in front of your CAV. Anyway, I've already got the paint scheme in my head, just want to finish these ships first.

Speaking of ships. I received my latest order from Ravenstar Studios. The Basestar and Starbase mentioned in an earlier post. Not sure when I'm going to get to them, but I would at least like to get them cleaned up and assembled, if not even into primer.

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