I may have been scooped on my idea to create a game that allows for the use of any and all miniatures available. Unified Theory Games have a game they call Vortex that supposes that there is a nexus of sorts where all possible realities exist thereby allowing free reign for what is brought to the table. I'm going to look into it, maybe even kick the tires, but I think I'll still work on my cyber-hacking game. While Vortex allows all miniatures, it isn't the cyberpunk network attack setting that I'm more interested in. For my game, the use of all miniatures is merely a side effect, not the reason. And no, I haven't done much else with my game.

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Sergeant Crunch said...

OK, these rules aren't the easiest to read. Debating whether or not I want to print them out to make for easier reading. Apparently the author has something against breaking up a wall of text into paragraphs.