That's Some Good Grass Man

No, not that kind of grass. :)

Today I mounted some Woodland Scenics grass mats to 2'x4'x1/8" hardboard panels so that I can swap that out with the hex mat without getting spring mix flock all over the star mat. Also, if I need to change the wood on the table, I don't have to flock it again. Took some pics with various scales of models. (click on the pictures for larger versions)

Here we have CAV (N-scale):

Some 6mm sci-fi (mostly DRM, the aircraft are repurposed Silent Death craft):

28mm Sci-Fi (an Imperial Guard group about to be on the receiving end of an ambush from some Pig Iron troopers)

And 28mm fantasy (a Bull Orc faces off against a Minotaur)

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