Some Progress on the Cyberpunk Rules

I've had a bunch of idle time the past couple days so I was jotting down some ideas for the cyberpunk game I was ranting about the other day. Still haven't come up with a cool name for it yet. I'm open to suggestions.

Anyway, in no particular order:
  • combat will be opposed roll, 1d10+attack vs. 1d10+passive defense+active defense with a chance for critical hits
  • System Status damage will make it increasingly harder to perform actions as damage increases, though it is possible to restore system status
  • came up with some abilities, will post the list later
  • can have multiple instances of the same program up to the memory limit
  • if a program is destroyed it can be re-rezzed, though I may create an ability that damages the stored copy of a program preventing it from being executed again in the game
  • the point system will be used to create the avatar, but not the programs, they are covered by the stats of the deck
  • there will be a separate design system for programs that increases their size and memory requirement the more capable the program is, the deck limits what can be run though
  • the point system will be exponential, not additive
  • a player can control multiple avatars if there are enough points
That's all I can think of right now, I left my notes downstairs and don't feel like getting them at the moment.

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