The New Hobby Room

I spent most of January moving literally just down the street. In the process I now have a new hobby room instead of the hobby alcove I had at the last place. There's just enough room for a 4x4 table in here, but that's for later. Still have other work to do around the house, but the garage is almost done and I really only need to hang pictures upstairs.

So, first as you walk in you see this:

Then turn to the left a little bit and you see the display cabinet and part of the painting table. there's juuuust enough room here for a 4x4 gaming table, but I need to come up with a design to build it. :

And a little more to the left and you see the storage cabinets for terrain, game rules, tools and some unfinished bits. There's also one with my military gear in it. Same stuff as at the old house, though I did come across a copy of the purplish-pink version of the original D&D basic rules that was given to me a long time ago by my uncle while going through other stuff. How's that for retro-gaming?:

Detail shot of the display cabinet. I tried to shame myself into finishing some long standing WIP forces, namely the Imperial Guard army that got left in the dust when I discovered Reaper and their game CAV. It was difficult trying to get the right balance of cool (finished minis) and shame (unfinished). If you look close, the Emperor I finished in January is in there with the rest of the Rach models. :

And finally, the bathroom. My hobby room has a full bathroom. That rocks. Just need to bring the spare coffee maker down here. Apparently the Army has decided that it needs to go after a captive audience with it's recruiting campaigns. Some people just say that recruiting has gone down the toilet.:

Now I'm waiting for my wife to point out that I've taken more pictures of the hobby room than I have of the rest of the house.

Now, to paint!

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