Kickin' the Tires

Posted this at the Majestic XII forums the other day, forgot to put it up here:

Having printed out the sample ships and laminated them today (having you're own laminator is a good thing) I was itching for a game. My wife was working on her homework so a solo game it was to be. I decided that since there just happens to be two ships in the sample set that just happen to be the same CRAT I'd use those. Hmm, what two ships that are supposed to be an even match do I have miniatures for...ooh ooh a D7 and a Constitution-class, the classic pair up. (queue the background fight music)

So I got the minis (a random D7 and the Constitution, laid out my FedCom hex boards (waiting for the HotzMat to arrive) on the coffee table and got down to business. The game only lasted 3 turns, The Constitution landed a solid hit in the first turn at long range, the second turn saw some manuever and a fairly even exchange of damage, and the last turn could've gone either way. The combat phase ended up destroying the D7, and had the damage rolls on the Constitution landed a few more odd numbers she'd have been destroyed. As it was, the Constitution would would be spending a good amount of time at the nearest Starbase undergoing repairs.

So, the combat mechanic worked smoothly for me. Playing solo destroyed the whole purpose of plotted movement, but it worked. Overall I can't wait to play against another person.

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