Back to the Grind

Went back to work yesterday, so the output of painted miniatures will be slowing down, though I expect to get several ships prepped for primer and paint over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Speaking of which, last night I prepped and assembled the NSL Escort Carrier. It was a little bit more of pain in the butt than I thought it would be. Still need to drill out the engine exhausts on it but need to use the Dremel I think. Don't think my hand is ready to handle the power drill yet and the pin vise isn't doing the trick. Had to use a little green stuff to gap fill and ensure a good bond between the fore and aft sections of the ship.

Almost forgot, got the painting done on a Federation frigate, but don't trust my hand enough yet to try to put the decals on it, so not quite counting it as done yet. Have the other Fed CA base coated and ready for some detail work.

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