Mini Rant

Yeah, the pun was intended.

One thing that baffles me and somewhat perturbs me is how miniatures on motorcycles are sculpted. Here, let me link some:

Space Marine bike
West Wind Productions Road Kill
Aragoto Senkenbutai

Notice anything about them? They all are holding their weapons in their right hands. Not a big deal, most people are right handed right?

Anyone reading this ever ride a motorcycle?

If so, ask yourself this, what hand controls the throttle when riding a motorcyle?

If you answered "the right hand" then you win the grand prize.

The models linked and every other motorcycle mini I can think of has a weapon sculpted in the hand that's supposed to making the bike go! How the heck is that supposed to work? "I'm going to shoot you/lop your head off but only while my motorcycle puts along at idling speed." Seriously detracts from the cool.

Yeah, I get upset about weird stuff sometimes, but this really bothers me. Maybe if I didn't ride a motorcycle IRL it wouldn't bother me because I wouldn't know better. But I do, and it ticks me off. So please, any sculptors that might be reading this (yeah right!), please, don't sculpt stuff in the right hand of a model riding a motorcycle.

I stand corrected on one mini. One of the Aragoto Senkenbutai have a rifle in the left hand. But all the other ones are still on my @#$% list.

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