What I Accomplished in 2008

Here are a couple pictures of what I managed to get painted, or assembled in the case of paper buildings, in 2008. Some of the miniatures (Dana Murphy, the Hubries, Legendary Encounters Minotaur) were already painted, just needed to be rebased. I apologize if the pics are a bit dark, I just realized that I haven't loaded any photo editing software on either of our new computers.

1 Gunslinger (CAV)
7 Hubries (DRM)
1 Kikyu (CAV)
1 Czar (CAV)
NCC-1700 USS Constitution CA (FedCom)
NCC-312 USS T. Roosevelt FF (FedCom)
Sadie (b) (Hasslefree Miniatures)
5 stands Andrayada Infantry (DRM)
5 stands CAV infantry with heavy weapons
2 Jovian Chronicles frigates
2 Tigers (CAV)
1 Jaguar (CAV)
1 Puma (CAV)
8 stands NAC power armor (GZG)
5 Pig Iron infantry for Star Army
1 Warlord Reven Bull Orc Warrior
3 GZG Kivruzh medium hovertanks (6mm)
1 LE Minotaur (rebase for Warlord)
Biker Chick Sophie
1 Dana Murphy rebased
Dictator 60 repaint (CAV)
Dictator 70 (CAV)

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