The Pax Arcadians Are Coming! The Pax Arcadians Are Coming!

So I submitted a wishlist of miniatures to my wife yesterday for Christmas, and apparently she ordered every one. They're all Pax Arcadians. I'll be using them with FWC. This initial force will be mostly infantry with a dropship, 1 blister of each of the buggies, and a small handful of tanks (1 blister of Chasseurs and 1 blister of Tigers).

So, obviously I won't be able to start working on them right away as I won't be receiving them until Christmas and I'll be out of state then, but I can start planning. A few things I'm debating though:

1. Base size: in FWC base size doesn't matter. I'm struggling between 20mm squares or 10mm x 40mm rectangles. The handful of Andy's I have are on poker chips which have roughly the same area, but I'm thinking that won't look as good for the humans for some reason.

2. Figures per base: I know the usual standard is 5 per base. But I'm thinking I can stretch things out a bit if I go 4 per. Though then I run into problems with the number of sergeants. However, the Reg Command blister has more command groups than I'll probably need, so I could conceivably raid that for more sergeants. I'm going to have to run the numbers and see what I can come up with. May have to order another command blister though that would seem to defeat the purpose of putting fewer figures per base.

3. Basing vehicles: to base or not to base? I prefer to not base vehicles, however, 6mm vehicles are much smaller than the N-scale ones I'm used to and I'll be the first to admit that I'm clumsy. If I do decide to base the vehicles, what size would work best?

4. Color: Ahh, the bane of miniature painters, color selection. I want to something suitably tactical, but not desert, urban, or woodland. I have too many other forces in those schemes. Hmmm, tundra maybe? Suggestions welcome!

Oh, my ordering and receipt of FWC has effectively killed my "Beer & Pretzels 6mm Sci-Fi" project. This will most likely have an effect on the sequence of my To Do List.

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