I'm Getting Better

My eyesight is slowly improving. Nowhere near ready to paint minis yet, but getting better.

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is that I've found the inspiration for my Pax Arcadians.

They will be painted in a camo pattern to match that, arctic tundra in spring time. Will also give me an excuse to buy all sorts of new basing materials as well.

Also on the 6mm front, I've made a trade with Legion4 over on Tactical Command and am receiving 39 stands (just shy of two companies worth) of Space Marine infantry and four Land Raiders. Obviously I'll need to get some stuff to round them out, but I'm thinking that they'll get a nice green paintjob. Specifically, something that'll airbrush real easy. Vehicles may get masking tape two-color camo jobs. I'm also working out how I want to round out my Andrayadan forces and have been eyeball the Skyth from DRM as well as some of the infantry from Exodus Wars.

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