I love it when I randomly get a gift certificate for my favorite miniature and paint producing company! Just placed an order for just shy of half of Reaper's newly reformulated ProPaints and a third of it was covered by the certificate! (just a little excited here)

I'm pinning a good deal of hope that the coverage helps speed up my painting, well after I learn how much thinning is too much thinning that is. :)

I probably won't get them 'till next week, but hopefully by then I'll have made some progress on Biker Chick Sophie and be all energized to finish her so I can move on to finishing up some CAV models. I really want to do a comparison shot of my Rach models as they were originally painted with Apple Barrel paints, then MSPs, and now with Pro Paints. I think I've got a 60 Dictator started that should be a good candidate for the MSP model. I think (heavy emphasis on think) my Kahns were painted with the Apple Barrels.

In other news, I've completely managed to make a great first impression in the new office. Somebody managed to find some assorted painted 6mm Soviet armored vehicles in a storage closet. These would've been used for sand table planning sessions. Obviously they grabbed my interest and after a brief inspection (without looking at the manufacturer's mark on the bottom) I said to myself (out loud) "looks like GHQ." Which ended up with me explaining what miniature wargaming is. I'd already flat out told them I'm a geek, but I think that just gave away how deep it goes....

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