I Really Shouldn't Be Doing This

But the idea is just too cool to not. That and as with most of my ideas, it's better to strike while the iron is hot else the idea languish and be done by somebody else.

What am I babbling about you may ask. This:

I call her Biker Chick Sophie. Take one ReaperCon 2008 Sopie minus the bomb, add one motorcycle from West Wind's "Road Kill" and you have Biker Chick Sophie. The wings wouldn't stick so just pretend there's a pair of leathery wings on her back. Planned changes are to get rid of the base under the motor, tilt the front wheel to the left, sculpt on a kick stand, and get her feet to reach the ground. Oh yeah, and learn how to paint SENMM so I can paint the bike like this. The seat may get ground out and resculpted into a single seat rather than two separate seats to make it easier to get Sophie's feet on the ground, but we'll see.

Right now the two things I'm contemplating are: wings on or off, and the skull on the headlight bone or chrome. Right now I want the wings on, but am tempted to leave them off and putty in the mounting points on her back. The skull I'm undecided on. Chrome would look awesome, but be a major pain. Especially seeing as how I've never done NMM or SENMM before. On the other hand you don't improve by always taking the easy way.

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