What the world needs now..

Is another 6mm sci-fi ruleset. Which I'm writing. "Why?" you may ask as there are so many out there for free. Well, the short answer is that none of them fit what I want. A few come really close, but miss on specific things. Others just aren't what I'm looking for. So being a good gamer who can't find rules he likes, I decided to write my own. It's going to look a lot like some other games but not quite. I'm borrowing aspects from several different games like suppression counters and issued orders from Epic and Dark Realm, the flexibility to design your own units and free(ish) unit composition from Dirtside. It's all based on d10 rolls. The numbers on model's stat lines are it target numbers to achieve what it wants so most of the time lower stats are better with a few exceptions. Firing mechanic is two rolls, one to hit, one to damage. Actually the firing mechanic is different that anything I've come across,though I doubt I'm the first to have thought of it. Basically the firing mechanism revolves around the assumption that all units are trained so that they have a 50% chance to hit at medium range. Some unit and weapons special abilities will modify that target percentage though. I've also got an inkling of how the point system is going to work. Lets say that unless you like calculating inverse square roots and such, you'll want to wait for the spreadsheet. Another thing that may unsettle folks is that I'm using 1:300 groundscale, so weapons will seem unnaturally long range when in fact it's more of a matter of the playing area being too small. At any rate it is currently nothing more than a jumbled collection of about 10 pages of hand written ramblings. The working title is Beer & Pretzels 6mm Sci-Fi Wargame. They get shortened to just B%P 6mm Sci Fi. I have a feeling it will need some streamlining to be truly called Beer & Pretzels rather than brown and stinky.

Of course this falls in the middle of trying to finish up a bunch of CAV models, finishing a Hasslefree fig, and hounding a retailer about my order.

And the Gaming ADD strikes again. All the buzz about Field of Glory has sparked that desire to get some ancients gaming going on. Waiting for the first reviews of the rules and the hard plastic miniatures befor I bite.

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