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OK, so since it's the beginning of the new year I might as well post the handful of minis I've finished since January 1st.

First a kitbashed CAV that was supposed to be my XCAV3 entry at Mil-Net. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures in time for the contest so it sat around for a while waiting for me to finish it. So I present to you the Gunslinger.

It was made with a Dictator 60 and the Gauss Gatling Cannon from a Warden. Construction was simple, clip and file the guns from the 60's arms and file flat, file the peg flat on the bottom of the GGC, glue the GGC to the arm. Unfortunately I didn't dry fit the arms and found out later that they could be positioned in the more normal horizontal position, so that's why it is posed that way. The whole idea was to have a shredder weapon equipped CAV that could keep pace with the Dictators in my main armor sections.

Next was a Kikyu that just needed to have the base finished. The plane itself had been finished some time ago. The camo was airbrushed and done to match the Kikyu I did for Mil-Net's gunship painting contest last year, however this one wasn't done to the same level of detail as that one.

And finally a bunch of Dark Realm Miniatures Hubrie figures that I decided to rebase. I originally had them based individually and decided to rebase them in pairs and they didn't look quite right by themselves. That and if I should decide to play using DRM's rules the Hubries are supposed to be based in like pairs. They are based on poker chips which have bits of cracked CD (I think that particular one was a PC Gamer demo CD) as slate and then liberally covered with a textured resin paste. I then painted the stone and dirt with craft paints and added some Woodland Scenics Blended Turf flock.


On a side note, those who have known me for a little while that for certain reasons I can't go to the FLGS and game there. Today I met with another gamer in pretty much the same situation and we have made plans to start gaming against each other. I'm really looking forward to it. I get to share my favorite game systems and he his. So far we've discussed me showing him CAV and he showing me Warmaster Ancients. This may motivate me to finaly get around to painting the fantasy minis I have had sitting around. Hopefully I don't have PCS anytime soon.

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