KS OGRE Unboxing

Got this today while waiting for the plumbers to replace my water heater. Unfortunately pictures don't convey the enormity of the contents. I had watched several unboxing videos and looked at several photos done by those that received theirs before I did and I still wasn't prepared for just how much was in the game. Enough babble, time for picture. Alons-y!

The box

And it's almost all OGRE. Not much by way of filler.

Just the game box occupies a fair portion of my 6-seat dining room table.

Not that I'm complaining, but I think I was only supposed to get one of these.

Four packs of counter sheets, those on their own are fairly heavy...or I need to get back into a regular exercise routine.

Kind of hard to see, but there's a minor puncture in the lid. Didn't go all the way through so the contents were safe. Box did it's job.

Looks like the bottom of the box got creased in shipping. Guessing it was dropped.

Minor wear on one of the corner. Overall very little shipping damage.

Hand signed thank you certificate from Steve Jackson

The OGRE garage, for storing the assembled 3D counters, with labels

Map board in the box

bottom half of the original map

top of the original map

under the top set of maps are the books, record sheets, reference sheets and the eight GEV maps

Rules and sheets

stack 'o' maps

To give an idea of the size of one of the map sheets unfolded.

Look at all the STUFF!

PanEuro and Combine logo dice. These are pretty good sized dice, no mistaking what was rolled on these bad boys.

Bottom later of storage, mostly for counters and map overlays (additional pieces to modify the standard maps)

Tear in the side

Card board reinforcement for the walls of the tray. I don't recommend taking the bottom layer out, it was a pain getting those inserts to stay where they were supposed to when replacing the tray into the box

The names of the Kickstarter backers all around the box. Mine is easy to find, this side of the box, very lower left corner, first name on the bottom line.

The original map and four of the GEV maps. Still have four of the map boards stacked in the background.

Six of the maps won't fit on the table.
I'm going to need a bigger table.

tape reinforcement on the back side of the map boards

The GEV maps are four sets of two. They are geomorphic so you can mix and match boards for a large variety of gaming experiences.

The four counter packs. Not opening them tonight as I don't want them to get scattered.

armor unit counters (and a couple others)

some of the 3D counters

OGREs and Vulcans OH MY!

terrain overlays


Same sheet, same bad photography. This is one of the KS sheets "Targets Go Boom"

Half tempted to take a couple sheets to work with me to get a start on punching them all out. Probably a sure recipe to lose one or two.

Next update will either be progress on Kyra or a status report on how many counters have been prepared. Until then, enjoy.


Blaidd Drwg said...

Awesome, Sergeant! Wish that I had been able to support this KS, but haven't had much $$$ to do anything this past year. Used to love playing OGRE as a teenager when it first came out as a pocket game.

Sergeant Crunch said...

Funny thing is...I've never played OGRE. Always wanted to though. Jumped on this as I didn't think I'd get the chance again later.