Been a while

That is the last time I retire from active duty, start a new job, and take two online college classes all at the same time! Things are slowing down somewhat at Casa del Crunch though so I am looking forward to making some progress in a few areas.

First, I have managed to finish base coating Lavarath and started doing the same for Kyra.

Second, I have aquired a few more Imperial ships for X-Wing. Namely the bomber, interceptor, and Lambda shuttle. I think an A-Wing is next, maybe Slave 1.

Third, I actually got a game in. Evilmonkey came over and introduced me to Dust Tactics.  May need to pick up a starter for that one...

What do the next month or so hold?  Finish Kyra & Lavarath, get more gaming in, take a closer look at doing a fan revision of CAV2, maybe take up Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions over Starmada (which means redoing a lot of stats), and when it arrives...punching out the 4 billion counters for OGRE.

Here are some pics:
I don't know, fly casual.
a little dragonbooty
Is this my good side?
Or is this better?

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