Woohoo! Legal Macross/Robotech Figs....Maybe

OK, I'm a mecha fan.  I fell in love with mecha sometime in late grade school or early middle school when I first an episode of Robotech, then was later introduced to Battletech in 8th grade.  I've been a sucker for Big Stompy Robots ever since.  I had known about an effort to bring Macross to the tabletop as a wargame, but when Palladium Books (owner of the license for all things Robotech on the tabletop in the U.S.) killed the project to announce their own I lost interest due to their track record for getting things published.  So I'm probably behind the times on this, but today I found out that they have partnered with Soda Pop and Cypher as Ninja Division to do a Kickstarter to get the game off the ground.  While I'm still apprehensive about dealing with Palladium Books, the fact that they have gone out with a 3rd party makes me more likely to contribute when it goes up.

I've been trying to work with various game systems to work up a usable Macross fighter combat game, but to be honest the problem was always finding affordable Zentradi figures.  Sure I could have gone to Hobby Link Japan and ordered a bunch of gashapon, but to be honest they focus on the Valkyries and getting a Tri-Fighter seemed near impossible.  I know there have been some stuff on Shapeways, but to be honest I don't like the looks of their material.  Even the stuff that is supposed to be smooth seems to have a rough surface and excessive stratification from the printing process.

Apparently the Ninja Division Facebook page will be the mouthpiece for the project and the Kickstarter has been submitted for approval and posting.  I expect this one to go large for nostalgia's sake if nothing else.

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