Liquitex Spray Acrylic

Today I finally got around to trying out the sample of Liquitex spray acrylic on a scrap piece of insulation (I was cutting out a new hill today).  Now the sample I received was labeled "green" so I was hopeful that the color would be useful on my normal grass tabletop.  The green I received is apparently akin to neon safety green. Imagine old school Goblin Green but about ten shade brighter.  Would work great as a base coat for some that is supposed to be glowing green though.  Enough about the color (that I got for free), how does the stuff work?

I'm impressed.  The color covered in one coat, even the markings printed on the insulation board. It sprayed very evenly. Most importantly, the styrofoam didn't melt at all. Even the thin parts retained their shape.  I'm very excited about this and my next disbursement of miniature funds will most likely be to purchase a can close to the khaki and tan I've been using for both my terrain and as the base coat for a fair number of my armies as well as olive drab and a good brown for speeding up camo on vehicles.

You can order a free sample here

Link to a color chart

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