Shield Generator/Power Plant Finished

As the title implies the shield generator is finished. I didn't take pictures of it primed because, well I figured you all knew what a primed terrain piece looked like.  As I normally do with terrain pieces I used craft acrylic paint for it, I use Apple Barrel due to it's almost guaranteed availability no matter where I seem to be because Wal Mart carries it. I know there are better craft paints, but these have always worked well for me, including my first few armies.  For this I used silver with a touch of black mixed it to give it a worn steel look. The recesses on the top got ProPaint blues ending in Ghost white. They could've turned out better, but I got in a hurry. The ground got my usual AB Country Tan, then it got all flocked up. (hehehe, he said "flocked up")  And now the pics:

Here's the generator with a selection of 6mm, 10ish mm, 15mm, and 28mm models. I think it works best with the 6mm, but doesn't look bad with the others either. Though with the 28mm it'll be a power generator more than anything else. At 6mm it could a full on facility of some sort.

Yes, Lord Vader. I've reached the main power generators. The shield will be down in moments. You may start your landing.

(Thanks to Zachary for letting me borrow his WotC AT-AT)


TamsinP said...

Looks good Sarge!

bluebirds40 said...

great job

Sergeant Crunch said...

Thanks, it was deceptively simple to do as well.

Lead Legion said...

Very effective.

Tony said...

A great piece of scratch-building. Thank you for posting.


Jay said...

The plastic vacuum formed packaging from some of the light bulbs also looks very much like part of a star base