Um Yeah

Sorry, but with all the "Stuff" going on IRL the hobby has taken kind of a back seat. Though last weekend we did play the third game of our ongoing Klingon Armada game. I managed to win what should've been a humiliating defeat for me. Zachary just couldn't seem to roll hull hits. This weekend though I did manage to get that Charger Warjack to stop looking at me forlornly. Only took three or four months, but the battle box is finally finished. Maybe next weekend I'll take them out to the store and see if anyone wants to play a game or two with a noob.

Not sure what's next. I'd like to make some progress on my 15mm stuff, maybe do some WIP articles on the vehicle kits waiting for me. On the other hand there are a few starships waiting for me as well. Guess I'll see what strikes my fancy. Been toying around with ideas for 15mm rules again, but will most likely leave well enough alone.

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