Day One Campaign Set Up

After playing last week's game of Klingon Armada I decided that a campaign would be fun now that the boys are getting the hang of the game. So, rather than coming up with something convoluted I opted for the simple Day One campaign that is included in the KA book. The Day One campaign is a series of four games with the last game being a battlestation assault that is set on the first day of the General War from the Star Fleet Universe setting. For those of you not up on your SFU history, the Klingons started the General War with a series of surprise attacks on the Federation which grew to include all of the known races.

In this campaign the Klingons and Federation each create a 3000 point fleet then split that fleet up into three divisions of 800 to 1200 points each. For each of the first three games each side secretly selects a division for each game without reusing a division. So, it's possible for one side to have an 800 pt fleet and the other a 1200 pt fleet. The games have a set number of victory points (the point value of enemy ships destroyed) that rises each game. The first game's victory condition is 400 vp, the second 500 vp, and the third 600 vp. In the final game the Klingons assault a Federation battlestation with the point values allocated to each side dependent upon the results of the previous games. So, if the Klingons do well in the early games then they get more ships for the assault, if the Feds do well, they can better defend their station. That's how it works in nutshell.

So I set about setting up the fleets using the miniatures I have available and painted (no counters for this) and came up with these

Division I (819 pts)
Heavy Cruiser
New Light Cruiser
2x Frigate

Division II (1007 pts)
2x Heavy Cruiser
New Light Cruiser
Old Light Cruiser

Division III (1170 pts)
Command Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser
New Light Cruiser
Old Light Cruiser

Yes, I know, the New Light Cruiser didn't exist on Day One, but I wanted some variety and wanted to get a new toy on the table. Next time I do this my Battlecruiser and Dreadnought will be ready for the Feds to use.

Division I (821 pts)
2x D7 Battlecruiser
D6 Heavy Cruiser

Division II (1040 pts)
D7C Command Cruiser
2x D7 Battlecruiser
F5 Frigate

Division III (1125 pts)
C8 Dreadnought
2x D6 Heavy Cruiser

Too be honest, the division with the C8 worries me a little. It's point value means that it's loss means losing that battle immediately, and after the last game where it was taken out by light cruisers and frigates I'm concerned for its well-being.

I'm looking forward to this as I think it will be a lot of fun, especially that last game. I'm actually kind of hoping that Zachary will pick the Feds as I want to try my hand at taking down a battlestation.

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