The Mighty Hood Goes Down

Here are the pictures from "The Mighty Hood Goes Down." I think I could've held out for the full 10 turns if I hadn't started to get bored and charged in to try to take out Zachary's D6.

 The short version is that I spent the first few turns repairing lucky long range disruptor hits, got bored in turn five (it was getting late too) turned in so I could fire some overloaded torpedoes in an attempt to take out the D6 (which I did) fully expecting to be taken out as well (which I did).


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Good times! Good to see your Lad getting in his licks too :-)

Sergeant Crunch said...

Actually, all my boys were involved. Three were running the Klingons, one ship each. The youngest was my dice roller. Unfortunately he seems to have inherited my dice luck. Overall, they enjoy any game that they get to gang up on me. I'm starting to get paranoid