He Paints!

Finished off two of the three Ba'Rada frigates last night. Let's just say that you'd think I forgot how to paint as they are not anywhere near the same level of quality as the other Mauridian ships. I've got one more primed and ready for paint. May try to knock it out tonight. Once that one is done I'll post pics of all three and the completed squadron (though really, is any fleet ever "complete").


benjamin_starkey said...

Any pics to share?

Sergeant Crunch said...

Not at the moment. I ended up making pizza with the kids instead of painting the third frigate. Now that everything has ahome around the bouse I'll be able to squeeze some painting in during the week.

benjamin_starkey said...

Believe me, I know the family comes first! Saw your post about moving at Reaper, glad to see things are settling back down.