Snow Day! or Gaming With the Kids

Had a snow day yesterday, but instead of painting or assembling anything from the Shelf of Shame and dug out an assortment of my fantasy miniatures and my oldest son's Heroscape figures for a game. We were using a set of one-page free fantasy rules I had found on freewargamesrules. It's a simple game that even Phillip (6 years old) could understand with little trouble (he won as a matter of fact). I need to fiddle around with unit stats for the game to find a good balance, but I'm thinking this game doesn't lend well to mirrored forces as the differences in the magic abilities can really offset the inherent balance of using mirrored forces (which helps prevent cries of "unfair!" from the kids). The game really slowed down at the end because we just couldn't get the rolls and because of the randomly selected abilities, it just dragged on and on, until finally the dice worked out. Here are some of the pictures that came out better than the others.

And from towards the end of the game..."Are we done yet???"

In related news, Zachary (who ganged up with Phil against me, so much for respecting your elders!) finished painting these Strelets 1/72nd plastic Vikings while I was deployed.  The picture doesn't show it very well, but for first time paint jobs on over 40 miniatures, they turned out pretty well.

After the game, we put all these on 3/4" fender washers and put them in a box I lined with some strip magnets. This weekend we'll flock them, but I think he's more interested in playing another game than gluing stuff to the bases.

I think I've managed to create monsters though, Zachary now wants 28mm WWII U.S. Army, Phillip wants skeletons, and Michael (my oldest, 13) wants more figures of a type to be determined. The boys had a blast, I had a blast, and this could even provide some added incentive to actually paint the fantasy miniatures I have.  I learned two things, don't let Phil play with multipart models (I have two repair projects now) and my children will gang up on me at the drop of a hat.

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