Resistance Is Futile

Well, I 've gone and done it now.  I've been enjoying painting those 15mm figures so I went to Ground Zero Games and ordered more.  This time two packs of UNSC infantry and a pack of UNSC SAW gunners, a pack of Spider Drones, and a High Tech Grav Tank.  I really like the look of the UNSC figures, even though they don't have infantry with support weapons yet.  But that's OK, because I'm envisioning them as a Tech Level 3 force in Tomorrow's War using drones to carry the big guns and grav vehicles.  The "High Tech" version of GZGs grav vehicles seem a good aesthetic fit with the UNSC infantry.

I think the Felids, for now, will be augmented with the Mekanoid Grenadiers and will be a TL2 force using wheeled light vehicles and tracked main battle tanks. Though the AT-43 walkers will be available for the Mekanoids if they want to fight on their own.

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