I returned home from my deployment last night!  Don't have much to add to that other than I'm really happy to be home.

On the miniature front, I'm probably going to do my annual wrap-up post with what I painted in 2010 here in a few days, but no promises on that.  Going to have to dig through and see what I actually painted since I haven't painted anything in seven or eight months.

Plans for this year are to finish my starships, of which I have a good collection now, try to finish my CAV minis, finish off a WIP dragon I started in 2009, and get some 15mm forces painted.  This is combined with actually getting some games in and moving in June.


 Ashley said...

It's always good to be home, especially home safe & sound.

Sergeant Crunch said...

It sure is, just taking stock of things now. The game room needs to be cleaned up first, then there is seeing where the minis I got for Christmas will end up in the queue.