Long time followers may remember my abortive attempt at writing a set of rules for 6mm sci-fi, which was put on hold when I purchased Future War Commander. I was just perusing what little of it I had written and thinking that I could crib it into a quick playing 15mm game without much effort, mostly converting ground scale and weapon ranges from 1/300 to 1/100. Interesting side effect of this would be that on 4x4 table just about everything except probably pistols would be in range since my base assumption was that the standard firearm had a range of 300m so 3m in scale, making terrain quite important. Actually, a 4x4 table would be about half the range of the standard firearm, I could call anything withing 20" (just a hair over 50m actual distance) short range. Pistols and certain support weapons would be shorter ranged than this and would have appropriate modifiers. This will probably give some people apoplexy, but I can't stand it when I can throw a stone further than what is represented by weapon ranges in most games.

I'd I have to redo the morale section. I was "borrowing" the suppression counter mechanic from Epic putting my twist on it. I think I'll go with the usual percentage of casualties seen in most skirmish games.

I think my problem with rules lately is that I want something that has plenty of options as far as what models can do, but without overly complex mechanics. Maybe I should do a whole series of Beer&Pretzel games.


Jamie said...

If all of the weapons are in range on the table, you might want to crib some of the mechanics from Crossfire (http://crossfire.wargaming.info/introduction.htm). Crossfire has no rulers and no fixed turns. I started writing a 1:5 gravtank game using Crossfire as the basis. Grav tanks can move a certain number of features depending on their height, which helps wheeled/tracked vehicles since everything at NOE moves on terrain feature. Not that it mattered, but table scale would be 1"=1000m. Good luck with your game!

Sergeant Crunch said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check Crossfire out.