Couldn't Help Myself

I was going to order some more Sabol trays to increase my miniature:safe moving capacity ratio, but then I saw that Ravenstar Studios is having another 3 day sale. I missed out on the last two he had and wanted to jump on it. I was split between getting a good core group for a Terran fleet and fleshing it out later or getting a space station to use for more scenario oriented play. I opted for space stations. I ended up getting a space station (#6 in the photo) that looks something like a Starfleet Starbase from the movies. I also ordered a Cylon Basestar from the original series. I always thought they looked more like space stations than space ships and intend to use it as a battle station. With the discount I was able to get both right at my monthly budget instead of having to spread them over two purchases. Don't expect to see them painted anytime soon though.


Joe said...

Thanks for the heads up. I ordered a few items today.

Sergeant Crunch said...

I figured there might be a few interested people out there.