Here's what I've accomplished so far:

My second Emperor CAV. The colors were supposed to be the same as those on Mil-Net, however, one of them turned out a little more purple than I expected. I think it works. I've got one more Emperor to paint, but it has to be a special paint job on it as it is one of the masters.

This one is the Centauro escort carrier along with the Mirage and Camerone fighters. Still perfecting my paint scheme for these. I don't think the shading is pronounced enough on the carrier and may go back to darken it up some.

And some terrain pieces. The satellite dishes are from JR Miniatures and in 6mm scale. The space station is a kitbash of several pieces that have been sitting around for a while. All three are painted to the 3 foot and squint standard, but they get the job done.

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