Purchase Requirement

Well, in the process of moving everything down the street I have learned that once again I have managed to buy a lot of miniatures without any thought for how I'm going to move them when the time comes. So, after my next purchase, I will no longer purchase a miniature unless I have adequate space in a container to move them. This could very well mean that I purchase the moving container at the same time. For now it means that most of my hobby budget this year will go towards storage solutions. Sabol will most likely be quite happy.

The new house will see me once again in a dedicated hobby room. My military gear will be in there as well, but will be in the closet. The room has a window that I'll be able to spray out of to my heart's content. Best of all, it has a full bathroom. I could lock myself in the hobby room (has it's own deadbolt) and only come out for food. Though I could get some MREs......

Pictures once the madness is over.


Eli Arndt said...

Put a TV in there and internet access and you can order delivery and have it handed through the window. You should build a spray platform that can be clamped o nthe window frame so you leaves things in the window to dry.

Sergeant Crunch said...

Actually, the modem and wireless router will be in that room. I don't care so much about TV in there. As long as I can get on the Internet I'm got to go!