Klingon Armada Arrived

I am a happy geek.

Klingon Armada arrived today just in time for my leave. They've done the grunt work of porting all the designs from Federation Commander: Klingon Border and Klingon Attack. I'm going to try my hand at converting some of the ships in the Communiques from ADB. Unfortunately that means I may need to buy additional minis...oh darn. ;)

I'll be pairing the Constitution against a D7 later and will post my observations.

Oh, and for those unfamiliar, Klingon Armada is the joint venture between Amarillo Design Bureau and Majestic Twelve Games that adapts the Starfleet Universe (SFU) to Starmada AE, my choice in star ship combat rules. I bought FedCom, but was totally pleased with it. Now I can get my Trek fix in without having to remember whether or not I allocated power to the head in Corridor A, Deck 2. (yes, yes, I know, FedCom isn't that detailed...no, seriously...put the phaser down...)

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