Nothing like opening a package of new miniatures, especially when it's coming from exotic locales like...Suffolk, UK. Just got my shipment of FSE and a few NSL ships from GZG. As part of the Christmas deal they offer I received a Merino-class livestock transport, 2x NSL Missile Destroyers, and 2x FSE Galiano-class New Heavy Destroyers. The rest of the order included (and needs to updated on the side bar):

1x NSL Escort Carrier
1x NSL Light Fighters
1x NSL Heavy Fighters
1x FSE Da Silva-class Battleship
1x FSE Duquesne-class Battlecruiser
1x FSE Centauro-class escort carrier
2x FSE Colbert-class escort cruiser
2x FSE Thetis-class destroyer
3x FSE Daphne-class corvette
1x FSE Mirage IX fighter
1x FSE Camerone heavy fighter

The casting on these are what I would expect from GZG, quite good, though it seems the mold didn't close properly on one side of the Duquesne, but nothing that can't be fixed. The flat areas don't exhibit the pitting that I saw with the NSL ships, which is a good thing.

Can't wait to get started on these, I think the FSE scheme is going to be brown/khaki on my wife's advice.

Nothing like new minis to make me feel all giddy.

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