Updates to the sidebar

Updated the finished and to-do lists on the side. I've decided that I'm not going to bother putting the decals on the Klingon ships, only the Feds. I've also finished the last of the Silent Death fighters. (Wait, finished, with a set, since when do I do that?) So that brings the annual total to 69 for the year. I've also decided to lay out in detail the Pax Arcadian miniatures that need work as well as the terrain pieces. I've been working on those slowly and am now at a point where the backlog isn't as bad as it looks. I should probably do the same for that Cadian army, but I don't feel like taking it all out to count what isn't done yet. I also think I'm going to switch paints on those and start using the Reaper ProPaints instead of sticking to the same craft paints I started the army with. The ProPaints just cover better.

Right now though, the current fad is starships, so expect to see some of those here later on.

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