On Being a Rules Junkie

So, seeing as how I generally don't have much time to actually play the games I have, let alone opponents why in the world would I go out and purchase a new rule set? Because I'm a rules junkie, that's why. That and I've been trying to find a way to use some starship minis that I've had around. Everyone seems to instantly default to Full Thrust when it comes to starship games, but I just couldn't get into it, and I tried. I toyed around with making my own RAGE based starship game, but could never work out a points system I liked. And for those attempting this, keep in mind that how you design your movement system will spark Religious Furor regardless of how you do it. So finally I ended up buying Starmada: Admiralty Edition. Why? A solid design system that allows for and an insane amount of customization, active support, easy to understand rules, and a lesser amount of book keeping during the game. The combat mechanic may take a while during the first few games, but I have a feeling that like Battletech it goes faster the more you go through the die roll iterations. I think next month's purchases will be the Klingon Armada and Rule Annex expansions so I can get my Trek on. Then maybe some Star Wars ships and fighters.... This way lays madness.

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