Dragon Tales

Started cleaning mold lines on Reaper's DHL 3000, Kyra and Lavarath. Upon taking it out of the blister, I've decided that painting dragons doesn't seem as daunting as everyone makes them out to be. To be honest, it seems like it'll be more tedious just making sure that I've got all the mold lines, fixed areas around them where detail has been removed, and making sure the joints look good. Only thing I'm concerned with as far as painting goes is missing random bits of detail.

Bought some materials to make a base today as well. I picked up a round wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby as well as some styrofoam, and from Wal-Mart some Minwax Polyshades for the wood. The Polyshades has a somewhat ulterior motive behind it's purchase, I'm going to use it to dry "the dip" with my Warlord Mercenaries. Depending on how that works I'll try it on the Reven models I have.

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