To-Do List Update

Updated the To-Do List, (why do those always seem to get longer.....)

Here's what's been added:

07121: Kraken x2
07079: Naginata Tank (2) x1
07065: Despot Armored Vehicle (2) x1
07042: Mitso-Ta Katana x1
07017: Assault Grenadiers x1
07037: SyRaM Talon x1
07076: Malefactor Tank (2) x1
07016: Assault Grenadiers Heavy Weapons x2
02939: Viking Girl x1
03000: Kyra & Lavarath x1
50016: Rosie, Chronotechnician x1
50005: NOVA Corporate Security Sergeant x1
50004: NOVA Corporate Security Guard x3
50024: Candy, Anime Heroine x1
50047: Mike Noe, Biker Boss x1
50065: Rex, Dark Future Hero x1
14340: Samantha, Mercenaries Warlord x1
14339: Marda of the Blade, Mercenaries Sergeant x1
06123: Bladesisters (8), Mercenaries Adept x1
07008: KDM Rhino x1
03098: Astrid, Female Chronicler x1

Now, where to find time to paint all of this....

Finally got the bookcase yesterday. Got it all put together and started putting finished minis in it. Will post a pic of it and the new work area once all the done minis are in there.

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