What I finished this month and other items

OK, so I finished 14 items this month and didn't buy a single miniature. Though I do have a handful on their way from Mil-Net. Unfortunately, those will be the last one's I paint in San Angelo. It's moving time and anything I post from mid-July forward will be done from Kansas. In the mean time, I'll be devising various methods for the transport of my collection. Most of the important ones are in Sabol trays. I may be attempting to sell off some of my 40k stuff. Just don't have much need for it anymore and it's difficult for me to use them in other settings as their design is so specific.

Some money will most likely be spent on paint. I'm curious to try out Reaper's new formulation of Pro Paints. Sounds like they're designed with the gamer that actually manages to paint rather than the individual figure painter which the MSPs seem to be aimed at. Though some standby colors will remain in my MSP selection, specifically some of the colored metallics, the skins (they rock) and the liners. But I don't see myself buying much by way of minis for a while. I honestly want to make a dent in what needs to be painted. It's almost like TMP's Pledge, but not I'm keeping as rigorous track as they are nor am I applying a formulaic equivalency for different scales.

Anyway, here's the pic of what was completed this month.

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