Aww Crap, He's Got a Rhino

And he's playing Ritterlich now as well. And my dice have abandoned me, well not totally, but they certainly aren't being faithful. Had a fun 4,000 point game with Ilan today. I played Rach using Children of the Storm and he played Ritterlich using Hunter's Edge. I have come to the conclusion that using Hunter's Edge when you already have an initiative deck advantage is just mean. I lost big. My dice were in some kind of all or nothing mode, mostly nothing. There were a few instances where I had an incredible critical hit that wiped undamaged models off the table, but there wasn't enough consistent damage being done between those hits. He had some good hits, but pretty much whittled me away. My inability to pass repair rolls didn't help. Highlight on my side was watching a Dictator 70 roll a 9 and a 10, then another ten and take a Falcon from it's first DT to dead. His Dragonflies and Ghast put a hurt on my Barracudas, but my Kharl '74s wiped them from the table. The Conqueror 73 probably would've been more effective if I had remembered to make use of the adjustable munitions. It was a fun game, but it gets frustrating when the dice go cold.

We took a few pics, when I get them in my email I'll post them. Depend on how I'm feeling tomorrow I may get some pics of the recently completed models and the WIPs.

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