Busy busy busy

I managed to get some minis finished this weekend. No gaming though due to a work related issue, but next week the gauss rounds will fly and missiles shriek to their targets! Any way, I decided that I should finish up Sadie (version b) from Hasslefree. I had started her back in December with Ray. I used the assault rifle arm, but had issues with getting it to fit right so ended up putting my negligible skill with greenstuff to the test. The join turned out mostly alright. As always, I used Reaper's Master Series paints, though the Leather Brown gave me some issues. It came out super thick and after thinning it had little granules in it. First time I've had any issue with MSPs. The skin was a little darker than I had anticipated, but I think that's mostly due to the dark gray primer I used rather than white. Over all I'm quite happy with her.

Since I had the same color out I decided to finish off the base to another stand of Andrayada infantry (Dark Realm). I was going to wait until the other three stands, which were taking a Simple Green bath, were done and ready for basing. But since I had the same color out for the base, I figured I might as well finish them off and seal them.

Also did some work on a couple of Jovian Chronicles ships. I think they're frigates of some sort, I lost the packaging. I found them in a bargain bin and picked them up some time ago. Nothing outstanding with the paint jobs. Need to touch up a couple areas and they'll be ready for sealer.

Finally, I grabbed some CAV infantry that have been waiting for an inexcusable amount of time to be painted. They are the light infantry with heavy weapons. I'm doing them in a simple khaki and dark green pattern. Nothing fancy, just a get it done color scheme. That and I've established that all my infantry for CAV will be generic and color coded. Khaki base is for light infantry and dark grey base for Armored Infantry. Colors on the shoulder pad indicate what type of team it is. Red is for Rifle Teams. Light Gray is for Armored Rifle Teams. Dark Green will be for Rifle Teams with a weapon upgrade of some sort. I think I'll use blue for Heavy Mortars Teams and probably orange for Light Mortar teams.

Hopefully some pictures tomorrow. Or I may go for a motorcycle ride if things warm up a bit.

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